Thursday, 5 January 2012

Birthday and Christmas Presents

For my birthday (40th) I got : a spa few days from my husband  at Cedar Falls in Somerset:

Then afternoon tea at the Chewton Glen Hotel - pics already posted.

A silver plated compact
Lush smellies
Next Smellies
Boots Smellies
£50.00 Next vouchers
Album of my life
Photoframe with me and OH in it
40 badges x2
Bear with 40 on it
Glass with "fantastic at 40" on it
Meal out
Cinema - Arthur in 3d - pizza hut
Bridesmaids DVD
Small bottle of cava
£10 New Look voucher
£10 worth of lottery scratch cards
Necklace and Bracelet from Next

I think that is it - I know I am spoilt!

For Christmas I got:

Tiffany Necklace
New mouse for laptop
White Collection Smellies
Soap and Glory Smellies
Chocolate Santa from M and S
£10.00 lush vouchers
2 boxes of mikado chocolate
5 small No 7 nail polish
No 7 eye make up set
Articulate Game - Chris and I joint pressie
Afternoon Tea Hamper - Chris and I joint present
Nivea giftset
£10.00  M and S Gift Voucher
Bottle of wine
£68.00 from work
Meal out from work

I think that is it other than two secret santa gifts and a gift from Slimming World.

I feel bad now - I did tell people not to buy for me and some didnt so less than last year anyway.  I would welcome someone giving to charity on my behalf if they wanted.


  1. Lucky girl but I'm sure you deserved every one Jusine!

    Sft x

  2. Wow, you made out big time!!

  3. Lucky you, someone loves you! What lovely presents.Congratulations on the birthday too X

  4. You must be well loved!! :) Happy belated birthday!!