Monday, 2 January 2012

No spending on . . .

One saving I shall make this year, is by not buying any books at all this year.  I like hard backs, paperbacks and e-books.  I shall read what I have.  If I want a knew book I can download a free one on to my kindle, but to be honest this shouldnt be necessary.

We had to get rid of lots of books last year, I chucked some and gave some to charity.  I had to do it quickly as it goes against my nature to ever get rid of books. I still have lots left.

Well I think not buying books should save me at least £50 this year.


  1. and PLEASE remember to support your library. The more people who use this service, the longer it will last

    blessings x

  2. I read a lot of books from the library. When they don't have what I want, I buy books.

  3. I do pop to the local library now and again it is rather a large one in the main town centre, there have been some changes over the years but I do not think it is at any risk of closure.

  4. LOVE your home library!! The book cases are wonderful

  5. Debby those are not mine although I do have some Billy Book cases from IKEA and will try to post a pic at the weekend.