Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Christmas Decs are down and back to normal

We took advantage of the extra day off yesterday and took the decs down andcleaned and tidied up.

How difficult did I find going back to work today.  I didnt post about it but I did threaten to quit the Thursday before Christmas if I was given proper resources.  I didnt want to put a downer on Christmas and it isnt really resolved although I am assured it will be. I just feel sick again all the time and this went off a little at Christmas so I know I am suffering stress at work.

Today there was power cut at work due to a power line coming down so we sat there for over two hours doing nothing.  I tried to do some work but it was rather impossible.

As a result of the long day and feeling unwell I decided not to go shopping as I had planned and instead made do with what we had.  I did an easy meal of mash, southern fried quorn burgers and beans.  I found a dessert which cost about 9p some time ago, it was a basics strawberry dessert:

Not bad to be honest. The less time I spend at the supermarket the longer my money stays in my purse!

For lunch tomorrow we will have cheese and crackers left over from Christmas, as we did today.  I have rested a little this evening and feel a little more positive.


  1. My first day back today and it was so busy. I intended to take my decorations down this evening but feel tired so will do it tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing about your pressies xx

  2. Oh Justine, I feel for you as I too feel stressed in my job and it makes me unhappy.

    To be honest, I want to get through the next year, then save as much as possible so that then I've got the option to leave teaching.

    I love the joy of the classroom, not the politics or the managerial role I have.

    Sft x

  3. These puds are great. I serve them up in fancy glass dishes and put half a cherry or a small blob of red jam on as a garnish, and they look WAY better than 9p budget puds!

    I am in the middle of listing all the leftovers in cupboards, fridge and freezer and planning meals from what we have.

    I do hope that the work situation improves!

    New Year Blessings x

  4. I remember those days when power went off at work - I think we all took an early lunch.

  5. I meant to add that my OH did pop out for some milk yesterday but still no shopping.

    Thanks for the messages:

    Miss PB - I hope to post re pressies tomorrow.
    SFT - work is affecting my health I am just trying to hold on as long as possible in the hope my situation improves.
    Angela, I shall try them with jam.
    Ruth - I remember the 70s power cuts in the evenings!