Sunday, 8 January 2012

Low Spend rather than no spend but it all helps!

You may recall that I was having my sister's little lad, Macauley who is agred 10.

He arrived yesterday at 9.30 a.m.  My sister offered me money for food and I said no but perhaps give Macauley a little pocket money to spend.

I had a few errands to run namely getting some money out and gettinh my prescription from Boots.

I took some money out of the hole in the wall when I saw a shoe sale.  I popped in and saw I some boys trainers for just £7.99 well knowing that Macauley's shoes were starting to get too small I decided to buy him a pair as he seemed to really like them.  It will save my sister a few quid anyway!

I then went to Boots and as usual was asked to wait half an hour so we went to our Library.  There were adult and children books on sale.  Children's bundles were 50p and I offered to buy him some but they were not to his taste.  I had a quick look at the adults ones which were 20p each but remembered my no spend in January.  I couldnt justify it so left them and went to get my prescription.

I dropped my prescription home to get my hat and scarf, which I had bought with gloves from fat face in the sale all  for about £17.00 reduced from £54.00 - bargain and we went to the Quay for chips.  I had them with a pea fritter and can of coke and Macauley had them with battered sausage, sauce, drink and a toy.  I think the total was about £7.00 and Macauley's was £3.40.  I know it is a spend but it brought me up a bit from being down and I forgot about work for a morning, as we had fun!

On the way home we went into the amusements and Macauley spent some of the money his mum gave him.  I gave him some change too.

Chris - my husband got some chocolates for us to eat whilst watching tv. 

Today was better I just bought some shopping - went shopping Thursday at Asda and I couldn't get everything I wanted - so today was Sainburys.  I was shocked to see the increase in prices since Christmas!.  Okay so my chilli tomatoes and basil had only increased by 1p but the mashed potato I get (which I think I have previously mentioned in my blog) had increased by another 10p.  That means it has increased overall by 21p.

I usually buy Ecover washing up liquid usually reduced or an alternative but it was selling at £2.60 a litre but I thought no way that is too much.  I bought some Sainsbury's Lemon washing up liquid for £1.36 (or there abouts) per litre.

I bought (or thought I had) two fresh quorn items for £4.00 - pieces and La Sagne however, I was charged full price and it took the assistant ages to sort it out.  She tried t say that the La Sagne was  not included as it didn't have a sticker on it (put one on then I thought to myself), but she came back and said she was confused as it included the La Sagne but the Classic one.  I said that was the only one that Quorn do as far as I am aware and they gave me £1.70 back - that's quite a lot of you ask me!

Peas well do not get my started on peas, they seem to cost abour £3.00 per bag, I went to get some Petit Pois from Birds Eye on special OOS but then a lady came over to fill them up.  That was lucky.  I told her how I could not believe how the prices of items had increased lately at the store, poor lady she has five children and they eat a lot she said and she finds it really difficult to make ends meet.

For dinner we just wanted something different.  I had a Blue Dragons Shot which is new and I got it free so I thought why not get a stir fry and guess what:

Yes they were reduced to nearly half price.

I am sorry they are sideways but on  my pc they are face on and am unsure as to how to change them to face on on here.  Strange!

Off to work tomorrow.  Dreading it already but have had my spirits lifted this weekend so fingers crossed!


  1. I've never heard of pea fritters but sometimes when I make tuna fritters, I add peas in the mix before cooking them.

  2. It sounds like it was a fun weekend! :) Great deal on the shoes for your nephew, I'm sure your sister appreciated that!

  3. Sounds like it was a great weekend! Good job passing up the books, and great deal on the shoes! I'm sure your sister will appreciate that!! :)

  4. Hope work goes ok. My first back today and it wasn't great.

    Sft x