Monday, 22 October 2012

Christmas is coming

I wasn't sure a few months back I would be in the mood.  To be honest thinking about it is keeping my mind off other things such as my stress and depression.  Had some terrible days recently. I am trying to make plans in the hope I can assist myself in getting better sooner so I can work.  I have my ESA assessment soon and listening to all the horror stories it would seem they expect everyone to work.

Anyway back to Christmas.  My sister has kindly invited us over for the day.  We will have a good day with her and her husband and children.  We will no doubt play board games and lovely food.  I always feel lifted spending time with them.  We are close, in fact they are coming over for a mealandd games night this Saturday!

I already have Christmas cards, wrapping paper and tags etc.  I have bought a few presents already and expect to finish Christmas shopping by early December!  A lot of thought goes into the presents I buy and I do not really set a budget but I do not go mad.  If someone asks for an item I often research it online to get the best price.  Does anyone else do this?

In terms of food I shall limit the amount of food that I get in as I am still trying to lose weight.  I have made an extra special effort this week.

Usually around this time I have a few social engagements but my mental health is such I cannot cope with that this year. Oh well need to get better and sort myself out.

Stress class tomorrow night and I know that will help.

I will let you know how it goes!

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