Tuesday, 2 October 2012

I have too much!

Now that we have moved the items we need to the new flat, I realise and I am sure I have mentioned this on my blog, that I have too much!

Not just clothes, but shoes, cosmetics and smellies, so I am not going to buy anything unless I need to.  I cannot to Stoptober wholly as car insurance and other things are due but I am eating out of the cupboards and freezer where I can and only buying the minimum of ingredients.

For example, Sunday night I cooked a bolognaise, using Quorn Mince which is £1.89 and a tomato sauce ( I know I can make it cheaper but I prefer using a jar) costing £1.20 and pasta which was reduced to 25p for 500g.  It made four portions and that is about 84 p a portion which sounds good to me!!

We still have items at our old flat as the Loss Adjuster is so slow hoever do have a storage company coming for the remaining items that we can do without for six months.

Issue with firm seems to be dragging on but hope that it is resolved soon so that I can look at getting better so I can get a job.  I have completed my ESA forms and apart from some confusion about my working voluntarily on average about 2-4 hours a month - so they sent me a PW1 for paid workers, I found the procedure fine which is probably because I do not intend to be on it for too long.

I am still struggling with depression and have still been having panic attacks I am hoping that once the issue with my firm is resolved I can get back to normal whatever that is.

Ta ra for  now!

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  1. Sending loads of bloggy love and best wishes. It really sounds like you're going through the mill at the moment. Jx