Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Relapse and allotment!

Crying at the drop of a hat this morning!!  Tut tut.  Life is so hard sometimes.

So to take my mind off of it I am letting you know I accepted the allotment.  We went to see it Monday evening by peeking through the fence!  It is very overgrown as I expected but it costs £24. Per annum!!

The plot was split in two, we have the front half.  We are going to liaise with the person behind us as to where to place our shed he has one, so he cannot really say anything but his is at the back.  Ours will affect him!  Oh and a little seat to sit and have tea and cake.  We aren't the type to do everything in one go!!  We know this will take mons. We will have a small one.  We collect the keys Friday!!  I can't wait.


  1. Hi Justine, sorry to hear life is hard for you at the moment, I hope things get better for you quickly x Its great news about the allotment and you will have all winter to plan what you are going to grow and some delicious home grown produce to look forward to.
    Take Care
    Karen x

  2. I think I might pay pay 46p a week for 'a little seat to sit and have tea and cake'and not even bother with the gardening bit!!

    so pleased you have got it!!

  3. I'm sorry to hear that things h taken a down-turn. I hope that the allotment proves to be an absorbing distraction. Jx