Monday, 7 March 2011

Before and After

Now this is me in Menorca back in May 2009 two months before I joined slimming world  I weighed nearly 15 stone - lucky I am tall.

 This was me at Christmas 2010 about 3 pounds over target just as I was about to go to the Christmas Ball :

As you may know I lost 2 and a half stone.  I dont have any pics of me dead on target.

Then Christmas happened.  I put on about 7 pounds and about two since then.  I went to SW after Christmas but what with the stress I have been in some difficulty.  I have now decided not to go for a while.  I am really worried that I will put all that weight back on.  I am trying to do SW at home now.  Today was my first proper day.  I dont have any pics of me at the moment but I do feel a little over weight.

I also realise its not just the eating, last year I was really quite active until the Winter.  I then only managed once a week as opposed to 3 or 4 lots of exercise weekly that I had managed earlier that year. Then in December I signed up to the Local Councils Leisure initiative whereby you increase your activity to three times 30 minutes a week and claim a £5.00 M and S  voucher. I managed to do it and I am awaiting receipt of the £5.00 voucher.


  1. well done you, i know just how much effort you need to put in to loose weight, so easy to put on , so hard to get off, i look at loosing weight now as investign in myself, that way I always keep my weight a priority - good luck with loosing those last few lbs to get back to target xx

  2. You look fabulous in the last pic. Good luck with getting back to your target weight.

  3. I think you looked good in the first pic, but you look fabulous in the second :-)