Sunday, 6 March 2011

Dont forget those money off vouchers or the extra points coupons!

With all the rises in the cost of living, I find these absolutely essential. I have a host of vouchers but even though I am organised even I manage to forget to use them on occasion.  It is usually when I am feeling tired.  Last Friday I needed some petrol and I forgot the double nectar point coupon I had received in the post.  That was on top of forgetting to use the  nectar points coupon in Sainsbury last week. 

In am using Sainsburys more than I did previously. I was using Asda more however, I always needed to pop to Sainsburys for various items.   In addition, they send me vouchers for points for items that I alreay purchase.My OH had an idea put them in the bags that we take to the supermarket.  So we did,  today I used four coupons and got just under 500 extra nectar points.  The assistant had problems putting some through and did question whether I had bought the product in this case Walkers crisps and tried to say that I couldnt use it.  Went to customer services and they put it through no problem.  So I used that it gave me 100 points, 150 for using Quorn, 120 points for spending over £30.00 and then double points coupon having spent just over £46.00.  Most items will do us for two to three weeks. 

In the meantime, I have put some coupons in my purse in the hope that I remember to use them.

Our Nectar points pay for most of our food at Christmas.  My TNS points pay for a lot of the presents.

So please do not forget your coupons.

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  1. Isnt it SO annoying when you leave the coupons behind? or worse, you hand them in, only to discover they expired yesterday. My #2 daughters first job was with TNS - thse points are jolly useful! #1 daugher saves all her boots points for buying xmas presents.
    well done on all your thriftiness.
    blessings xx