Monday, 28 March 2011

Help! OH 40th Birthday

I have been getting myself all in a tiswas thinking I need to do some many special things to show my husband I love him.

I looked into buying him a specially made cake for £35.00 to £70.00 until it was pointed out to me that it was too much but a guy at work.  I had thought about a party for him but he is from the North and we are on the South Coast and having spoken to his friends and family most of them couldnt make it.  Then I decided to take him on a cruise on the Rhine - this is what I am saving for.  I am also booking a table in a restaurant for a meal for the two of us.  Then I think I can I get him to unwrap.  Its doing my head it.  I am 40 this year as well.  It is a nightmare I am worried he will think I havent made much of an effort.  If anyone has any ideas that he would remember which doesnt cost the earth I would be most grateful.


  1. Why not make a little book [eg like this one OR ] with forty pages, and on each put something special - a tiny photo, a noreminder of a special date/event, a note beginning "I love you because...", a romantic poem...

    Or how about forty tiny gifts he can open - all on the day, or one each day for 6 weeks

    Or get forty friends or family members to write a favourite special memory and put them together in a book.

    I did read of a woman in the USA who gave her husband a certificate saying "Happy 40th birthday. This guarantees I will make love to you EVERY day for the whole year" They did, and then wrote a book about it, and made lots of money. I WOULD ADVISE AGAINST THIS ONE!!!!!!! [it may be mess expensive, but you'd need a lot of stamina. And I am not at all sure about the kiss-and-tell aspect of it either] But I am sure your beloved would NEVER forget such a gift!

    Chris KNOWS you love him - and he knows too that saving money is a priority for the pair of you. YOU wont enjoy anything if it has cost TOO much. Trust me, 31 years of happy marriage on a tight budget has taught us to recognise when extravagance is justified.

    If you DO manage to get the money together for the cruise, then try and find a memorable way of presenting the gift - get a waiter at the restaurant to deliver the envelope to the table - or put the tickets inside a model boat - tuck them inside a guidebook to your destination - buy a cheap passport holder from a poundshop and tuck them inside that...

    hope these ideas helpful x

  2. I agree with Angela, spending lots of money won't help and will make him feel obligated to do the same for you later this year. He knows you are saving money.

    Instead follow one/some of Angela suggestions and throw thought rather than money at the gift.

    Sue xx