Sunday, 27 March 2011

Free book

I signed up for a free book from Radox.  I entered for February's book which was chick lit however, I got March's book.  Now this is confusing as it wasnt March when I entered i.e. I entered on 1st February and also Radox changed it to a competition for end of March and I received my book mid March.

Here it is with a splash free cover:

No idea whether the book is any good but hey ho.  Its going on my long pile of books!!


  1. thats a reall good book i hope you enjoy it :)

  2. I lkike the splash free cver. But I am a shower-girl, not a bather, so don't think it would work for me!! A free book is always a treat though x

  3. It's good, it's good! I really enjoyed it. I'd take it over chick lit any day.
    If you read it and love it, Marina Lewycka has written other books - this is her first, and in my opinion best...