Saturday, 26 March 2011

Veggie Chilli Sausage Pasta

We eat this  quite often and its not expensive.  Veggie sausages 10 in a pack were two for £3.00. I use about 8  for  two of us and there is always some left over for lunch the next day. Then I get a carton of chilli chopped tomatoes with onion and basil.  It is quite expensive at 59p but it says to use to cans and I just use the equivalent of one so its the same price as to value cans of tomatoes without chilli, onions and basil.  I use more than enough pasta for two and this should cost lesds than 50p.  Cheap and free on slimming world I believe.  Dish up some salad and beetroot nom nom nom.

Doesnt it look nice:


  1. You are making me HUNGRY!!!! ~Liz

  2. sausages and pasta always fabulous! I'm not so keen on chili - but garlic or a splash of worcester sauce will give it some extra taste for me.

  3. Yummy!

    Shirl x

  4. That looks a lovely yummy tea.