Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Brownsea Island with my mum.

I cannot remember the last time I spent time with my mum like this i.e. on a proper day out.

So recently we decided to visit Brownsea Island for the day.  It was amazing that the day we picked the sun was shining.  It is only 15 minutes away. It cost about £10.00 for the return trip and £6.00 to land on the Island.  My mum made me laugh when she bought a senior citizen ticket as I do not see her as one.  She is only 61!!

Firstly, mum treated me to a cup of tea.  It looks warm, it is in the cafe but it was freezing on the boat!

On our walk we saw a Peacock which roam freely on the Island:

Here is my mum I took a quick snap before our walk:

We then spent time walking around the Island and saw some chickens and cockeralls:

We took in the views although there was some sort of works being carried out to improve the Island so were unable to stand at all the vantage points:

We then stopped and had our sandwiches from home and we had a visit from a peacock (after a visit from two ducks which I didn't manage to get on my camera!!

We then walked further and I saw a red squirrel which we thought was a baby look closely:

Then, mum took a pic of me before we sat down in the sun for a while:

After a rest we got on the boat home which goes the scenic route around the other Islands and lasts about 40 minutes!


  1. Hello Justine:
    Gosh, you were very lucky with the weather on your day trip. It does make all the difference seeing somewhere in the sunshine and it must have been very pleasant taking the country walks and sitting outside for your picnic.

    The cost of the boat seemed quite expensive to us, but then we often think that we are out of touch with UK prices on most things.

    1. The cost of the boat seemed eensive to me but spending time with my mum made it worth it. There are possible changes in my finances which may not afford me to do it in the future.

  2. Looks like you had a great time even if it was cold. Its always nice to spend time with your mom isn't it?

    X x

  3. Ahh thankyou for allowing me to accompany you and your Mum on that lovely day out ,great pix ..love Jan xx

  4. It looks a gorgeous place. Glad you and your mum enjoyed yourselves.

  5. Thank you. You've brought back memories for me when I visited the island. It's one of the few places where red squirrels live.

  6. Hi sounds like you & your mum had a wonderful day together.It looks like a very pretty to visit. I love taking a picnic lunch when it is not raining! xx

  7. It does look a lovely place.

    Great photos & nice blue skies!

    Kay :)