Sunday, 29 April 2012

Spending time with hubby

It is raining again so spend the day at home with hubby.  I pottered around doing this and that cleaning the bedroom, doing the washing, cooking etc. He did his chores bless him!

We watched a film and chatted and he was studying programming and I entered lots of competitions.

Do you comp?  If so how, where and what do you like to win?

I could have done with getting some bread as we only have four slices of bread which will be out of date tomorrow but we decided to make do. We have plenty of other food in.  I did an online shop with Sainsbury's using a first time code which gave me £10.00 of a £50.00 shop and £2.75 is you spend over £40.00.  I bought lots of offers and apparently saved £19.00.  So added to my last tw approved food deliveries - which I must remember to post about - our cupboards are bursting.

Where do you shop and how do you save money on shopping?


  1. I Love pottering too.

    What a lovely hubby you have!

    I don't do comps, I never win anything.

    Have a lovely week.

    Sft x

  2. Hello Justine:
    Well, we think that it is exceedingly difficult to buy decent quality food at a reasonable price in the UK these days. In Hungary, we can buy good quality, seasonal produce at half the price of similar items in the UK. And, when one considers that everything, including food, carries 27% VAT in Hungary, it becomes even more difficult to understand why the UK prices are so high.

  3. I think Sft is a great person to ask about food budgeting!

    We buy from a wholesaler in bulk, as we live in a rural area & a few of us have got together to form a sort of co-op, so we get a good deal. Our fruit & veg comes via a box scheme.
    We're not keen on shopping in supermarkets & find being vegan, that we don't really need to use them - which makes us happy! We spend about £180 a month on mainly organic food for 3 of us...

    Kay :)

  4. It has been horrid weather. I'm well and ruly fed up with it too.

    I do the odd comp and have had a few wins, which is always nice.

    X x

  5. What a lovely cosy day you had with your hubby. I usually go to Asda and look for bargains. And like Sft, I never win at competitions xxx