Saturday, 14 April 2012

Making a little extra and cheap lunch

I cannot go into it but we may have to tighten our belts due to a reduction in income.  It might not happen but then again it might.

So firstly, we are curbing our expenses - today we had lunch which consisted of 18p noodles from Aldi I had Curry flavour, Chris has Chicken and we had bread left over which cost 50p from the local bakers - bargain!

Then we listed some items on ebay, we are only talking about making a few pound but we are doing what we can just as a precaution.

It is free listing this weekend so that saved a little.  I know some are reluctant to list on free listing weekend because there is so much more competition but as it is free I am taking the chance.

Other measures I am taking is I am using up shower gels from Christmas, have cut the tops of the tubes of my foundation as usual (won in a prize) my moisturiser and my hair cream.

I have also bought some stamps.  I do a little comping not as much as I did but use a few stamps now and again so I bought about £20.00 worth might get a few more given the price rise at the end of the month.

Oh and don't forget next weekend is free National Trust weekend at some places see link below.


  1. I do find things sell a little slower on free listing weekends, especially when they first started to do them but now they happen more regularly I am not too worried and it saves me money making up for the bit less I possibly make.
    Thanks for the National Trust link, I will have a look if there is anywhere near me.
    Good Luck with the belt tightening!

  2. Good luck with your eBaying. I've got quite a bit on there at the moment and may add some more this evening.

    X x