Friday, 27 April 2012

Emma/Log Cabin Giveaway

Emma is hosting a lovely giveaway consisting of cushion covers and some other lovely craft bits and pieces - join in:


  1. Hello Justine, thank you for the lovely comment and the link. I will try and tell you how to do the sidebar thingy. Ok, go to dashboard and click on design, then click on add gadget. Scroll down til you come to picture, click on that and there will be a link box where you can put my web address. You can also upload a picture if you want. Thank you very much Justine, I hope this is clear for you, and you can use the sidebar for other things as well now! Good luck with the giveaway. Lots of love xxx

  2. Hi Justine ,the link isnt working Jan xx

  3. From what I have learned, the word FREE is an acronym for Funds Required for Every Endevour ;)