Wednesday, 25 April 2012

eBay Sales

Posted last item today messed the postage on two up so meant that money made was about £13. Better than nothing. Sold two DVDs one went for more than expected. Sold a waistcoat for what I expected but less on a new summer skirt. We live and learn. I cannot get used to this new postage system. I asked for about 70p less postage than I should have 50 p for postage and 20p for packing! I will put it all into savings!


  1. Yes it's getting so tricky with the new postage rises.

    Well done on the savings.

    SFT X

  2. Postage is a challenge. Keep at it. Sometimes, we learn the easy way.

  3. I'm dreading the postage going up. I'll never get it right.

    X x