Saturday, 28 April 2012

Why did this happen?

I recently read about the young girl Claire Squires who died at the end of the marathon last week.  She was doing it for charity how fair is it then that she should die doing something so self-less?

Not fair!!


  1. Claire lived not far from here, and I know people who were acquainted with her - she was a vivacious and beautiful young woman.
    It is incredibly sad, and I do not have an answer to the question 'why?' - but I am sure that the response of all those who have made a donation in her memory to The Samaritans is a tremendous tribute to her memory.
    May God comfort and strengthen those who feel so bereft right now.

    1. And I understand ,her fund has gone up to a million ,wow RIP Claire

  2. Hi Justine, thank you for the link, it's fine where it is. This was a terrible tragedy wasn't it? I hope her family take comfort in how much Claire was loved xxx