Sunday, 27 May 2012

Approved food post!

I have been meaning to post this for ages.

Firstly, my first order was a disaster, as it didn't arrive the first time, they said it was "refused" - by the recipient - assume they got the wrong address.  Second, time it arrived late and it had to go back because the pickled onions had "exploded."  However, the items were a bargain.  I believe I posted about this before.

My second order arrived but having ordered four big bottles of vinegar in order to be thrifty one leaked -it was not well packaged and clearly said that the vinegar should not be laid on its side and it arrived on its side.  It was only when I thanked the delivery man for carrying it in as he was hastily leaving he mentioned that there had been an "incident" and that the products had to be repackaged.

Well here is the packaging:

It took me ages to clear everything up and wipe it off before putting it away.

It took me over a week for Approved Food to sort it out but they refunded me items that had got ruined and items that were crushed somehow and also for the item that was missing.  They did try and send me that again with another 3.5kg of veg suet mix 60p:

This is the other products I received:
249 (should have been 250 packets of Special K bites - still have lots left lol)

I then tried again a month later (sorry so excited that it was all in one piece that I forgot!) as I knew that money was soon to be tight. I have to say that everything was packed well and I got a lucky box. This included alfafa sprouts, a pack of fudge, a pack of anniseed sweets, various soups and a can of coke!

Okay some items were out of date, some not.  I got 30 bars of in date chocolate for £4.99 - yes was not essential but nice, two cakes were out of date, I got two huge bags of blancmange I think they were two for a pound!! I got a large bag of mild chilli and then lots of dried goods for the cupboard and items for pack lunches.

I think that although ordering from them can at times be infuriating, it is so necessary when you are short of cash to do what you can to reduce your food budget, it is essential to order from them! 

What are your experiences with approved food.?


  1. I love special k bites! Haven't heard of approved foods before - off to look on google!! X

  2. Thus far very good. i did have one parcel where the box had been dropped and a jar of berries in juice and another of instant custard were smashed- but they refunded immediately [even tho is was not their fault]
    all foods have been good - sometimes I have regretted not ordering more of some products [eg the bread mixes]

  3. Very similar to yours Justine. I steer away from bottled goods now because we have had so many breakages but we have also had some amazing bargains and they do always refund without question. The worst was when we had ordered some bottled smoothies which and exploded with the toilet paper they had packed them with - yeuk! x

  4. I too had pickled onions smash but to be fair to them they credited my account straight away. we have had two orders with approved food and they have saved us a small fortune. we did a third yesterday and split it with the inlayws in order to save on postage.

    Fingers crossed it will all arrive safely.

    X x

  5. Haven't heard of them, I'm intrigued and will go and have a look. Glad you got your orders sorted! x