Saturday, 5 May 2012

A family meal out and Hello new follower

Firstly, I would like to say hello to Hardup Hester.  I have followed you for some time and enjoy you posts on a certain forum - welcome x

About twice a year my step-dad (he brought me up so he is like my dad) and my sisters Sarah and Claire go out for a meal to celebrate a birthday last year we managed three times.

Anyway we recently went out for an Indian to celebrate Sarah's birthday.  Dad is 60 this year so we are going out for a chinese and a drink.  I will put some money by for this.

I thought I would show you some of my family, without my family I am not sure I would still be here now.  Knowing I am down Claire has invited us over for tea tomorrow night and we will have a poker night - we do not play for money.  I am going to make a cake.  A pineapple upside down cake as posted on Sarina's blog.

So on to my family:

Here is Claire and Dad:

Here is Sarah and myself:

Here are my sisters and I:

Here is a break down of what I wore as knowing I may need every penny I couldn't buy anything new not that I normally do:

Scarf - £3.00 from Primark over a year old
Cardigan - £15.00 Next in a sale over a year ago
Top £5.00 in a Next sale over three years ago
Trousers - £12.00 in a Next Sale over three years ago
Evans shoes (go there for wide shoes especially in a sale) think they were £22.00 over four years ago
Bag from Next £22.00 had over two years and I take it out for special occasions and on holiday when we go out in the evenings.

What do you think?

BTW I have lost 8 pound since then as I lost that in my first week at slimming world last week - whoop whoop (because that two and half stone I lost I put most of it back on).


  1. Brilliant weight loss! Wish I could get back on track.

  2. How lovely, family meals are always nice.

    You have a beautiful family and you look stunning.

    X x

  3. Your weight loss is very impressive!

    Nice that you are close to your family & looks like you have a good time.

    Kay :)