Monday, 7 May 2012

Sarina's Upside Pineapple Cake

I went to my sister's home for a games evening yesterday.  She made some nice sandwhiches and provided cakes and nibbles for later, we brought our homemade cake - the recipe of which comes from Sarina over at Sarina's Alsorts blog - to eat with some cream and we also took some nibbles:

What do you think?

Hubby helped bless him!  It tasted lovely and light - we warmed it up so as Sarina said it would be better served with custard but we loved it with thick cream!


  1. Looks lovely, the cream sounds nice to me. Sarina is a fab cook.

  2. Oh, I`m so glad you liked the cake!
    And, thanks to Meanqueen for blowing my trumpet, he,he.