Thursday, 17 May 2012

Losing Weight

Not sure if I mentioned that I went back to Slimming World.  I lost 8 pound the first week - stuck to it 100% and I received my half stone award!!

I lost 1 and a half pound the second week and half a pound this week.  I am hoping for a bigger loss this week to make up for the disappointment of the last two.

Instead of points you have syns and I usually use most of mine.  Half of it on a kitkat at night.  Chocolate philiadephia is nice and a tablespoon is only 2 syns.

I am allowed four healthy extras' two a's and 2 b's.  For my a's I have cheese and milk and for b's bread and breakfast bars.  Alpen light is good as you can have two, and at the moment the chocolate fudge is in the 99p store at you guessed it 99p.

For meals I obviously use a lot of quorn, there are two relatively new flavours of fillet - Barbecue and Chilli and Lime - Sainsburys did have them on offer for 1.50 for a pack of four.

I also eat a lot of baked potato and salad, most of which are 39p in Aldi this week.

I live close to Aldi but Sainsburys is closer but I often just go to Sainsburys, that has stopped due to the lack of salary.

I am off to the Doctors tomorrow, I need signing off for a couple more weeks, I have a meeting with an independent Occupational Health assessor to discuss going back, they want to move me to an office an hour away, where I hardly know anyone and give me a secretary who is unsuitable!

I have been off since the 7th March and that is all they can come up with.  It was hard enough moving from the office just up the road - after 9 years to another office further up with all the secretaries problems.  Anyway it is up to this person now but I cannot function in the mornings so how I am meant to travel in the car for an hour - I havent been able to get in the car all this time as I used to suffer panic attacks on the way to and from work and my anti-depressants make me dizzy.  I can walk to the office up the road, and I can work around my tablets if I need to go to Court but not everyday to travel to office up the road and back - 2 hours travel when I have had a breakdown geeze thanks.

Sorry to have reambled on.


  1. You are having a rough patch. So sorry for you J - but well done on the weight loss!

    love and hugs x

  2. So sorry you aren't feeling so great, but as Angela said, well done on the weight loss. Just also wanted to say a huge thank you for my secret sister gifts - really thoughtful and generous - I am thrilled to bits xxx