Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What to expect when you are expecting!

OH and I saw this film last night for free coourtesy of see film first.  I do hope that you are all signed up.  We see about 10 films a year free!

As a comedy it was all rather silly but would give it a 7 out of 10.  I would probably download it on offer but I would not pay to see it I am afraid.

As you can guess it is about how five different women deal with their pregnancies.  Cameron Diaz stars as a famous star who is very fit and helps others lose weight, she is relatively normal, Jennifer Lopez adopts an Ethopian baby as she cannot conceive, that is a lovely part of the story.  One young girl, I am not sure of the actresses name her and her partner run a fast food truck in competition to each other, unfortunately, she loses her  baby.  Then the other two are sort of related, one is married to a famous racer and sneezes out her twins, she is so glamourous and her husband's son's wife, is really normal she sells pregnancy products and cries all the time, wets herself a bit and has bad wind ha ha ha.

Unfortunately, when giving birth she had to a have c-section and due to complications she had an operation but it all turned out fine in the end.

I have seen lots of good films through see film first, some okay and some bad well one or two, the best were Slumdog Millionaire and Real Steel, mediocre were this and knocked up and most of the rest, the worst was something with Steve Coogan in it that bad I cannot remember!

As it is free save parking if we have to go to the one furthest away from us or free parking at the one closest to us we try and get tickets for  most films!


  1. 10 films a year, not bad. We're signed up with them, but have never successfully got tickets, oh well! xx

  2. Sounds quite interesting although Mr Thrifty would hate it xx