Sunday, 12 August 2012

Bootsale Success

We arrived at 9.20.  Buyers arrive at 11 so that gave us plenty of time to set up and have a coffee - from our flask of course.  There were plenty of loos too we were so close that was handy!  We had so much room, they didn't pack us in.  Each pitch could have got four pasting tables in if they had wanted to and had enough to sell of course.

We made half of our profit before the buyers arrived!.

We didn't look around as we didn't want to be tempted into selling any money.  OH wanted a burger but didn't.  We had a packed lunch.

So after spending a fiver to get in we made £75.00 after that was taken into account of course we spent a tenner on a pasting table but that is still £65.00.

We left at 2.45.

Unfortunately, I got burnt despite putting cream on.  I kept on to OH to ensure he didn't get burnt and look what happened.

Got back and put some items on ebay to finish next Sunday so hopefully we should get a few more pounds.

We also tidied up the back room which we further decluttered yesterday and yes more tomorrow.  To be honest it is helping me a bit with my depression!

I still havent heard anything from my employer hopefully I will hear something this week.

Hope you all had a good weekend.  I am enjoying the closing ceremony whilst watching this.


  1. Great to read of your success today ,wonder what your ebay address is ..well done on the decluttermission Jan xx

  2. Well done a nice amount earned. It's amazing to think our old unwanted stuff can make us so much money isn't it?

    Glad to here its helping you feel a little better too.

    X x