Thursday, 16 August 2012

Time with my family

Today I spent an afternoon with my daughter.  I don't talk about her much as I find it difficult to talk about family in any depth on my blog - mad I know. 

I got the bus as it is £2.80 return and it would cost me more than that to park!

Anyway she is always skint!  All of a sudden though she seems grown up.  Well she is 23!!She had the basics, helps her friend with her baby and today made her mum the most lovely cheese on toast.

Then we played Monopoly I left before we finished as I had to collect something on the way home. But we wrote down where we were for next time.

Well tomorrow back to the de-cluttering.

In the meantime, I got an email from Garnier to say that I have won a bottle of eye make-up remover on their latest comp on Facebook.

Did I mention that I have a school reunion on 1st September - arggghhh.  I am looking forward to it and anxious at the same time.  Would not have happened at all without facebook.  Do you all use facebook?

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