Friday, 3 August 2012

Mixed Bag

Firstly an update on my mental health, I had my first proper session a month ago.  I found it quite difficult.  I was given a book and some behaviour forms and discussed the cycle of depression.  I had asked the coach to assist me in lifting my mood.

Then last week I went again and we dealt more with anxiety as I felt my mood had been lifted.  Before each session you have to answer risk questions and questions on depression an anxiety.  The bad news is that I was assessed at my intake and proper session as being severely depressed and anxious, the good news is although I am still severely anxious I am moderately depressed.

Secondly, work issues have still not been resolved but I am hoping they should be by the end of the month.  I saw my G.P today and he signed me off for a further month, and I saw the Occupational Health who had been asked by my employer to undertake a review.  I think it went well she said I was not ready to go back to work at this time would be at least three months before I could even consider comtemplating going to work!  Not being paid is a pain, short on money.  Getting all my shopping from Aldi now.

At least I am on a winning streak, I won a Lurpak Apron whoop whoop lol and a dinner for six at my local dogs stadium worth over £100 includes some drinks.  I also won another prize must be worth over £100 but I shall save that for tomorrows post.

Finally, my random acts of kindness for the last few weeks have involved informing holiday makers not to park in the carpark outside otherwise they would get a ticket.  They find the signs ambiguous so if I see people hanging around I open my window and let them know.

Right now I am getting better slowly I know and getting more into a routine, I am going to try and post every day this week even if its a line or two.

Thanks for bearing with me guys xx


  1. Sounds like you are making progress! keep going, girl- we're all supporting you with virtual hugs
    love and prayers xx

  2. It is so heartening to see this post ,you sound so much more positive ,of course you will have down days ,lets hope they become less and less Jan xx

  3. Glad your progressing well. Hugs.

    X x