Monday, 13 August 2012

Some good news!

You know I have had a leak, well I filled in a claim form and sent it to the water company.  That was last week. Today I received a letter confirming that as a gesture of goodwill (water leak not their responsibility as it was indoors) they are reimbursing me £209.14 and that £134.09 would hit my bank shortly and the rest will be put towards the next bill.  My monthly payment is reduced by half a third ofehatnisnwas before we had a meter.  We are being so frugal.

I also found some candles today, have so many we are using those in the evening instead of our up lighter. We are trying so hard to cut down our household bills.

I really hope I hear from my employer soon re the way forward!


  1. Pleased that things seem to be getting a bit easier for you!

  2. Hello,thanks for your comment and joining my blog, I've returned the favour :-)
    Sorry to hear you've had such a rough time and I'm hoping that things start to look up for you. Remember it's baby steps and there's a lot of support out there x