Monday, 20 August 2012

Good News and Bad . . .

Good News is that OH has been offered over 7k by way of a reimbursement of PPI.  We do not pool our money but he will pay my share of the mortgage for the rest of the year and he will give me a 1k to tide me over.

The Bad news is that we are almost certainly going to have to move out of our home for a few months whilst the damage to the property is rectified.  We had a guy come today to do a quote on the clean up and he said that his gadget indicated that our front room is at risk.  Therefore it would appear that it is unlikely to be used as a safe room to store our stuff so as well as moving out we have to find somewhere to store our items.

What is clear is that no one seems to appreciate the level of damage that has been done until they see it.  It is then that we are advised we should not be here but the insurance company will not communicate until we have quotes but these have taken 3 weeks and they are still not all in.  Grrr.  Well I am trying not to let it get me down.

Well tomorrow is another day so hope we have more good news not bad.  Have chased my employers for a resolution!!

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