Monday, 6 August 2012

Too many shoes?

Open Closet Decoration2 Open Closet Decoration

I have 55 pairs of footwear excluding slippers.  These are not mine I found this on another blog.

I had to do out my shoe cupboard because of the leak and I decided to count them.  I knew some years back I had about 44 but threw about 15 out.  Yes some knew.  Most of mine are not like in the picture, some are, some are practical.  I threw one pair out but then found another pair of trainers. I have had to take stock now I havent got an income.  I need a new pair of trainers and like sketchers so I am saving Amazon vouchers to pay for them.  I do not buy many pairs of footwear each year.  I buy a pair of trainers every few years, I look after my shoes really well.  Some are probably 10 years old.  Am I in the minority?  I do know that other than those sketchers I am after I am not buying any more shoes in the next twelve months as there really is no need!!

How many shoes do you have?


  1. Oh lovely shoes! These are my one bad habit. I did have well over 100 pairs and was put on shoe ban.(cold turkey and not fun!) However after a good sort out I did sell a few pairs and was then allowed to top up with new pairs. I am very lucky that I have a daughter who can adapt very cheap pairs and make them look like they cost a fortune.

    X x

  2. Blimey~!
    I have one pair of brown leather, one pair of black leather, one pair of smart and 2 pairs of trainers. Oh and some wellies. That makes 6 including the wellies. But then again I am a man and we don't get the thing about women and shoes, lol.

  3. How strange, the security word I had to type when I made that comment was 'wellie'.

  4. Wow - more than 40 pairs is quite a collection! I'm impressed and envious...! Jx

  5. Have awarded you the 'one lovely blog' award - please only accept if you want to xx